Translator and Interpreter

Ileana Cari

Ileana Cari is a freelance translator and interpreter who is on the market since 2006 after some years of collaboration in different sectors. Ileana is able to guarantee punctuality and attention to the detail for each job assigned to her. She works in direct contact with the customer in order to reach the same goal and create a unique synergy.

Nowadays Ileana is listed as Sworn Translator and Interpreter at the Court of Piacenza and is moreover member of different associations of freelance translators and interpreters.

The office of Ms. Ileana Cari is located in Gossolengo nearby Piacenza and offers many linguistic services in the following languages: English, German and French. For further information please have a look at the pages "biography" and "services".


Ileana Cari
specialized translations
Specialized translations
commercial consultancy
Commercial consultancy
press and advertising
Press and Advertising

Services and Sectors


My linguistic services

I provide the following accurate and qualified services in Italy and abroad in my job languages - English, German and French:

● specialized translations
● editing and revisions
● localisation
● interpreting
● commercial consultancy

You can count on a highly-educated, reliable, competent and experienced professional. As I am proficient in my mother tongue Italian (as source or target language), You will collaborate with a professional able to help you deal with cultural differences when interacting with different business partners.



Among the different sectors that I translate, I am specialized in:

● food&beverage
● business documents
● law
● technical manuals
● automotive industry
● medicine, pharmachology
● press, advertising
● websites, e-commerce

Your documents will be given in the good hands of a skilled and qualified translator, who can always be contacted directly, so that You will be sure that all Your communication is managed quickly without any waste of time or information.



Interpreting is always the preferred solution for meetings that require human interaction and visual contact. During events, meetings, interviews, highly sensitive business situations or even on exhibitions, I can seamlessly translate precise communication from any of my source languages into Italian and vice versa.

Customers can choose between these different types:

● consecutive Interpreting
● B2B Interpreting
● telephone interpreting
● accompanying Interpreting